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The moral of the story is if you are quitting then quit as soon as possible so another can fill your space.

Pugging IGE.

One player bails after the option fails in the first room (No one checked if the team wants the optional or if they knew the tactics for winning it).

A new player joins and after a few minutes (most of it sitting around the beam in point) declares that he is going to bail. However, he then proceeds to chat it up with another member on the team on why the mission is a failure (the team was having a hard time advancing). As he chats, other players continue to play and advance further into the game. At the first boss he finally bails. At this point the group has advanced too far into the mission for another new player to beam in.

If you are going to be a flake (cannot commit for any reason), and I have flaked for various reasons myself, then flake early. Please do not take up valuable space in a group that you are not contributing to. Hopefully your spot can be filled.