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A list of things I feel The Foundry is missing as of Stardate: 90050.48
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This list is simply a list of features that I as a loyal player since launch feel would improve gameplay and morale for the Star Trek Online Community.
Please, feel free to add to this list, but do it constructively.
Thank you.

1. Resizing options in the Costume Customization Feature.
We should at least be able to change the size of basic feature like Height & Overall body width & depth, or at least have some body shape Templates to choose from. We have every other body/clothing available, why can't we choose body type templates? I'm tired of my Custom Costumes always being 1-2 1/2 feet shorter than they're normal average height, and sometimes you WANT a big, strong, Contact. Why should everyone look so thin all of the time? Isn't this taking place in a time when there is ready access to food, with very few shortages of sustenance?
DONE, and then some ! ! !
Thank you! =-D
By the way, Beta 0.8 looks great so far!

2. BO Name Tags such as [AwaySci] OR [ShipEng] for dialogs.
I've heard these are already planned to be implemented at some point. Wonderful! It would be nice to meet a contact who's heard of my character from one of my BO's, or to be able to have a mission where we have to save some friends of one of my BO's. One of the things I loved so much about "Star Trek: The Next Generation" & "Star Trek: Voyager" was that it was unlike TOS in the sense that it was not so much about the Captain as it was about everyone on the ship. Even Wesley Crusher got some episodes all to himself! That's one of the things that made these shows so great. Sometimes you'd rarely see or even hear mention of the Captain because EVERYONE was important in their own way.

3. Gender Tags, which would be as simple as [Prexifx] OR [ProperPrefix] OR [SirOrMaam] OR even just [Gender].
I don't see this as necessary, but it would be a nice addition in case we were visiting an alien culture that did NOT call everyone in authority "Sir". Let's remember here, we're supposed to be exploring strange new worlds, and seeking out new life & new civilizations; Every world or civilization ISN'T the same. Gender Tags would make dialogs more accurate to this vision.

4. CHOICES that ACTUALLY affect the mission flow!
I can't stress this one enough. I LOOOOOOOVE the diplomatic missions, and I would love to make some of my own, but it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do so with such a linear mission flow. One of the greatest aspects of the Diplomatic missions is knowing that you can fail the mission. We need to be able to make choices. It makes the mission interesting instead of just being "Go here & shoot this" OR "Go here and talk to this person" OR "Go here and scan this". That is boring monotony and is probably one of the reasons many of my friends have left this game already. Game are supposed to be interactive, and not authoritative. If I want to just follow orders, I'll go to work, not play a game.

5. Custom Ground Maps.
Don't get me wrong. I know we can place all kinds of object around the ground maps, and we DO have a lot of map templates to choose from, but you've got to admit that it WOULD be nice to be able to mix and match objects that are already on separate maps instead of just choosing a planet that we know everyone's already seen a million times before. How are we gonna explore strange new worlds when we just keep going to the same planets?

6. Fleet Exclusive missions.
I know you guys can do it. If you can make Faction Exclusive missions, and Level Based Maps, AND Fleet Banks, then you can make Fleet Exclusive Missions. Simply have the program check the same tag it checks to let us into our fleet banks, and if the tag doesn't match, then we can't play the mission. Of course, you'd probably have to let us invite out test toons to the fleet as well so they can actually test out the mission, but I'm not against being able to that as well. I think it's a fair trade ;-)

7. Since I like to do things in sevens,
Here's the seventh missing feature, and probably the best of all, but it is dependent on number 6..
Fleet Importable Missions OR Collaborative Missions. We can import our own missions, so why can't we import each other's. With Fleet Exclusive Missions, maybe we could also recieve the ability to at least import missions from fellow fleetmates. This would at least allow entire fleets to work on creating missions together.

This list is simply a list of features that I as a loyal player since launch feel would improve gameplay and morale for the Star Trek Online Community.
Thank you for your time in reading all of this.
I hope it makes you think.
Please, feel free to add to this list, but do it constructively.
Thank you.