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06-11-2012, 03:52 PM
The problem is that lockbox ships should be rare while upgrades are standard practice. There are a few episodes where the Enterprise has to be put in the Shipyards to upgrade a few key systems. Dilithium purchase, C-Store purchase, Fleet purchase, or EC purchase would be acceptable methods to upgrade your ship.

In fact, there is a thread that indicates you can purchase some T5 versions of lower tier ships through Fleet Starbases. Which ships will be available has not been finalized yet, but will be available in Season 6. So basically, you or a fleet member with the proper authorization will set the Fleet Shipyards to create X number of ships. Fleet members donate resources to complete this ship creation project. I think your fleet's military level determines the types of ships your fleet can build. Higher level means more ships available. Then you purchase the ship you want with Fleet Credits which can be earned by contributing resources to fleet projects.