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06-11-2012, 10:06 PM
To the op, Carrier are only op if u have no idea what you are doing.

If u enters a arena and u have no anti spam for a carrier team your SoL. But a semi competent premade vs a carrier premade. Will kill spam, separate, and execute burst carriers. Just like cruiser fed balls.


Carriers are only op to people who can’t read buffs and have no timing or do not have a escort. A well placed SNB will ruin a carrier’s day. A well placed tact capt alpha, will execute a carrier.

One anti spam boat will destroy any damage a carrier can muster. A SNB there some burst there good bye carrier.

The real reason everyone is QQ now is because they nerf science ( grav well) and most sci powers which really were a strong counter to carriers. Now everyone runs cruiser healer or cannon escort. You rarely see a anti spam boat FAW escort, grav well sci vessel at all in arenas anymore. This makes carrier seem op, even more op when there more than 1 because there counter is almost extinct.

Nothing a smart burst oriented escort cant can do, lets nerf them lulz

This new tunnel vision is because of the new skill tree does not promote diversity in specialization as it did before the changes.

For example one high skill lvl grav well before the skill tree changes would pull everything in its grasp no escape. A whole carrier team could be envelope by one grav well/ewp. Now grav well is a joke even if u spawn extra’s with Doffs the pull is nothing. The new grav well is 1/3 the strength of the old, who want to play that, no one. Who wants to play any SV there a shadow of their old selves? Shield drainers gone as well. Energy drainers got buffed . The counter that are still there, but are fewer and far between.