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06-12-2012, 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by nrobbiec
I've never understood the love of the Batman films, Dark Knight is the one of the most overrated films in my opinion and the Joker was wooden and boring. But then when people die they suddenly become more popular, I know that's a little insensitive but it's true.
I would like to know what people see in them though, out of curiosity, short of randomly spouting "OMG ITS SO KEWL!!1"
Honestly, I really see where you're coming from - I always thought Nirvana was a very over rated band and given too much credit for the grunge movement when you had bands like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden who were much more talented at their instruments. However, I feel different about the Dark Knight, in fact, I think Batman Begins is one of the most under rated films ever.

The Dark Knight isn't cool just because "holy crap, batman in tank batmobile!" it's cool, to me, because it really delves into the characters psychie like no other superhero film has done before. The new saga I actually care about Bruce Wayne's tragedy, because that's what it is and that's the message Nolan is trying to get across.

Ledger was a completely different guy in that film, it wasn't just Jack Nicholson being crazy Jack in clown makeup - Whether you like Ledger's Joker or not you can't deny that he completely transformed and was almost unrecognizeable in that film.

However, it does makes me cringe when you mention the movie to other fans and all they talk about is heath, heath was good but there was so much other things going on in that movie. Bruce Wayne starts seeing that becoming Batman probably wasn't the right thing to do, all he's done was raise the stakes. That's also why Harvey Dent played a key role, that's why his death and reputation was so important - Because he represented something Batman couldn't.

Batman makes more sense in Nolan's movies than probably any other Batman type of media has portrayed. It's the only Batman franchise where it made you even feel for the small characters like Alfred and even Bruce's parents. Thomas Wayne was portrayed as a great man in Begins, almost a martyr - He was the only one with the power and ability to help with Gotham's problems. Bruce becoming Batman isn't just mere vengeance in these films - He feels guilty for his parents death as well. It was his fear of bats that got his parents to leave the theatre and be shot.

Simply put, I love the Batman movies because they're almost more of a crime drama along the lines of movies like heat and the departed - It's telling a story, not just of Bruce, but of a city and its inhabitants. Sociology is one of my greatest interests and To me, there's a lot of commentary on inner city crime, ghettos, etc. in the new Batman franchise.

To me that's what Batman is all about too, the believability of the character. I don't like him for the same reasons why I like other superheros like the x-men and spider-man - I like him because he lives in a very believable world as someone who isn't as much as a superhero as they are of being a borderline psychotic vigilante.