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06-12-2012, 12:54 AM
I like where the Batman movies have been going because they have stayed truer to the source material than any of the prior incarnations, other than possibly the 60's Batman movie (which was very true to the TV series).

I like the trailers I have seen for the third movie, and am pretty sure they are going to tie the knightfall story in with a continuation of Ras' story, bringing Batman full circle to Begins.

I am a bit trepidatious how they will handle Catwoman though... and I do agree Two Face was underused, unless he survives and has some minor role or mention in part 3 (perhaps being taken down at the start or something?

Spidy I am nowhere near as sure of. He is one of my favorite Marvel heroes, and I liked how the last trilogy started, but felt the second and third movies suffered by too much involvement from the marketing department.

This imcarnation it sounds like they have seriously messed with his origin, turning it into some sort of conspiracy. Also the angst ridden spiderman of the prior trilogy was very true to the original material. That is what set marvel apart... their heroes actually felt. Yes it seems overboard now but that is partly because we have seen so much of it from later works that viewers are a lot more numb to it and thus less tolerant of it.

I do like the return of the web shooters though....

I do remain at least somewhat hopeful for the movie in that the Avengers was surprisingly good and Marvel does seem to be on a roll.