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06-12-2012, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by loyaltrekie View Post

You're saying that everything carriers are supposed to use is OP, but carriers aren't OP. This doesn't compute...
Consoles come from cruisers escorts, not carriers. Broken powers belong to all ships, nothing especially carriers like (chroniton procs have not counter) Energy siphon pets are broken. But that is the pet not the class. People hate the Danube but there aren't as bad as the Siphones, imv. If you sit still, don't kill the pets, and then get another tractor your to blame.

Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
I remember rolling very good teams with 4 carriers and a bop long before nerfs and buffs ect ect as well...

Bottom line you throw a couple engis in a ship with cruiser hull and sci ship shields... and have them support a couple more carriers... ya its game over good luck against that. The ship itself is over powered... most of us don't wine cause unless a team of guys is asinine enough to run 5 carriers, its doesn't happen.

Really the main issue is the carriers are treated like sci ships... meaning they end up with 20k in shields and 50k+ in hull which is in itself sort of bs. (its also how someone with a tactical captain and almost zero shield heals can be considered zombie like... that alone says all that needs to be said)
HOnestly, what about 5 eng in Tac-Oddy, circling ES3, and a bunch of heals as extra. As you said yourself the high lvl SCi powers are a non issues, so the Carrier becomes an annoying sci ship. Anyone really think that 5 carrier > 5 cruisers.

Originally Posted by Sworoth View Post
Every time I pvp the carrier is the op ship that survives everything sent against it. [...] They have access to more high end abilities then the other tier 5 ships. [...] All I want is a balancing of this ship to make it equal to the other tier 5 ships[...] cryptic opened this door, and the players should not suffer for it.
Everytime i pvp i die to DHC, nerf DHC! the logic doesn't fly. They don't have access to more high-end abilities.
I want balancing to, but that ship has sailed with ultra-rare doffs, +1 ships and consoles. None of which is a carrier. Since Gozer just stated that balance is an after thought in the current Development (nothing new really, but at least he admitted it) i wouldn't get my hopes up.