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06-12-2012, 03:39 AM
Well good, that puts a lot of my fears at rest. Especially since I only realized my mistake with "This Component Complete" and "Component Complete" earlier today. So this means the only thing they are really getting rid of is the one thing that never worked and we already had a workaround anyways. Awesome.

Yes, the devs look at these posts. The fact these changes we are seeing are ones we've been asking about, repetitively. As for your fears, as Nag just pointed out, none of these losses will effect anything currently implemented as the primary things being removed are ones that don't work anyway. That is, "Component Complete" in regards to pop up dialogs.

Everything else will work fine, and should not break currently implemented missions. HOWEVER, considering this is a years work of updates hitting us at once, it would probably be a good idea to temporary pull our missions before launch as a safety precaution unless something unexpected shows up.