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06-12-2012, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by innuwarrior
I fly and escort and I don't have much problems with cure Cubes, or any other for that matter. The one shot thing is a plasma torpedo, avoid the front (facing Kang) and you won't get one shot. You can also watch when it launch the torpedo and shoot it before it gets you. If I go for a frontal attack, I always use scatter volley, takes care of those torpedo quite effectively. The best place to be against any cube is on top or bottom, Only beam there no torpedos, much easier to tank beams than torpedos.
The one shot torps aren't always targetable as occasionally they are normal torpedoes and not heavies.

For dealing with heavies I tend to either use a tractor beam or eject warp plasma when I'm in my cruiser.
In days gone by I would have used FAW to take them down as FAW used to have 100% accuracy before that power was nerfed a month or two ago.

Failing that just shoot at the damn thing and pray you hit it!