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06-12-2012, 09:09 AM
I've also noticed sometimes they are invisible sometimes. what I mean you'll be fighting a cube or gate or warship and all of sudden bang your dead and you don't see anything hit you at all. But the biggest problem with Cure is some people have no clue on how to do this misson or they get confused because there are numerous so-called tatics for it. I have personaly seen peopel told to take out all the gen probes under the cubes at all three locations then start taking out the cubes. Then I have seen people told to take out the gen probes under the cubes and then take each cube down to 10% and then go around and take out the cubes.

But here's few tatice everyone should follow imho but i could be wrong. Do not use AOE ( scatter volley, torp spread or Beam fire at will ) around cubes when taking out the gen probes because they spawn more ships when attacked. Also do not call in a photonic fleet or hangar bay fighters around the cubes. Because they will not leave the cube and end up destorying it before they should be destroyed. I was in 3 straight cures yesterday where the entire mission was failed because a carrier couldn't get it's fighters away from a cube with no gen probes or someone's photonic fleet stayed on a cube and destroyed it and we got mass spammed by the other two cubes before everyone was ready.