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06-12-2012, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by sean2448
borg seem a bit over powered is it normal for 12 honor gaurd shields to get oneshoted with 12 ablative armor all 12 blue consoles so why am I getting oneshotted
some sort of adjustment with cubes is needed badly so guys I recomend normal till they get fixed
as it stands we have no chance of completing option so increase chance of getting tech trust if you don't have 12 weapons or 12 don't try elite in cure space
There is no "bug" in Cure. Telling people to stop playing isn't right. You're just not using the right strategy. I fly a Defiant with blue consoles & can destroy the platform, spawns, & Cube solo. Team's I'm on get the optional 98% of the time. Hit, run, heal, repeat. If you just sit in one spot & shoot you will be destroyed. Also attack Cubes from top or bottom only. They can't launch torp attacks at you if you fly above or below.

If you run STFs a lot you should also invest points in Starship Power Insulators. This skill grants you resistance to the Tachyon & Antiproton beams the Borg regularly attempt to drain shields with. All the best equipment, weapons, & consoles are useless if you don't learn to "fight smart!"