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06-12-2012, 03:01 PM
Originally Posted by BROKEN1981
see its because of the devs pvp is so bad atm. this post is proof of it, and the new ship and all the consoles we have out there are proof.. its actually very sad since sto pvp is is the best system from everything ive read about mmo pvp. why do we need such op ships and consoles? you can lol kill every npc there is with out the use of bo powers.

ide really love for the pve system to actually get better. by that i mean give the npc some resist and the will to actually fight and try to stay alieve like a real player would do. you say you love story driven content, but why do the npc have to seem like a choir to fight? least if they semi acted like real people it could be fun. take the stf, extra hp sheilds and harder hits. you know their next move before they even do. just give them player resist and make them use powers taht real players would do. make them cross heal use rsp anything besides a half dead spear using emergency power to engines to come at me or run away. make players use actaully skill and think about the next move. every stf map is the same. you know your next 30 moves like clock work. you know what the borg will do before they actually know and do it.

You obviously haven't done any elite STF's if you think you can "lol kill without boff powers". I dare you to survive against a Tactical Cube on elite without using any boff powers (or being healed by your teammates).

Originally Posted by Body_Surfer
Miller makes ships. His lack of interest in PvP has absolutely no bearing on the state of PvP in STO. Any thoughts to the contrary are just plain naive.
Surfer speaks the truth. Blaming an artist for bad content is like blaming the President's maid for the bad economy. (a bit of a stretch, but the analogy holds true anyway)