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Ever been ignored, no one bothered to help you with a mission you were on or never gave you advice or help on anything, if you’re tired of not receiving any assistance and want a friendly helpful fleet, then you have come to the right place!

Rose Of Sithis is currently recruiting new potential members to our fleet. We are based around helping around new individuals who are in need of help or assistance as well as Doing STFS, PVP, etc. We also train our members in STFS and PVP so that we can all work together more efficiently. We are at the moment a small fleet but we are growing every single day, we may be small at the moment but we have a group of experienced players and several who have been in STO since the very beginning. We believe teamwork is essential for success and we help build and give advice to newcomers or people. Quality is better than quantity, you can have hundreds of people and still would be lost or even confused, in our fleet, the majority of our people are very experienced and are happy to help out anyone who wishes to join us. We are a mature group of people but we know how to have a good time .

In our fleet, we have two types of individuals, those who are just casual players and those are more into being the best of the best. Our Elite group of people who put a lot of time into strategizing, Doing a lot of STFS, as well as PVP, we call our elite group of Individuals; GHOST.

GHOST: Now in order to be accepted into this elite group, you must go through a series of test just to see if you have what it takes. One key rule in GHOST is that you never quit, we stay till we get it done and most of the time we do get it done. We do a lot of STFS, PVP, etc. training to better ourselves and also to also better the rest of members of the fleet who need help in organizing their vessel, their specs, etc. Anyone is welcome to try out for GHOST just ask any member of GHOST upon joining the fleet.

Well ive only covered just the basics of what our Fleet is about, if you wish to learn more or are interested in joining leave me mail in game at Hector@CaptnRoxas42 I will get back to you as soon as possible or you may post here if you are interested in joining. We look forward to having you