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06-12-2012, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by trev06
So, the EPS flow regulator console. Seems to be a lot of misconception about what it does. I've dug up all the information on it, and yet I still have a few questions and the like...

1. I know it does NOT help your weapons power recover from normal firing, though the wiki says it WILL help recover from a beam overload.

2. I know it helps your power levels transfer quicker from one system to another. So for instance, when I drop out of full impulse my power levels go back quicker.

3. I was under the impression that it DID help your sheild redistrubtion. I am apparently mistaken in this.

4. I can't seem to find out if it helps with powers like auxiliary to structural. I would think it does, however, point three teaches me I could be wrong.

So know my questions...

1. What exactly is the console for?

2. I run an atrox carrier with all anti proton beams. The only boff powers I have that would like be affected are emergency power to sheilds and auxiliary to strucutral as I dont run beam overloads. I only play pve, usually STFs. Given all that, is it better if I replace this console with some other one?
1) Correct on both points
2) Correct
3) Nope
4) Nope

Your questions:

1) You've essentially already answered it yourself.
2) I'd say the console isn't helping you at all.

On a side note, you may be thinking of the starship electro-plasma skill you can put character skill points into. This skill does improve the emergency power to x skills.