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06-12-2012, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by tom61 View Post
The lack of an extra CRF2 or CSV2 by the split up Tac BOffs is probably made up with the DPS the fighters put out, at least over time.
Even that may not be necessary.

I could put out the following:

Ensign: Tactical Team 1
Lieutenant: Tactical Team 1, CRF1
Commander: THY1, CRF1, Beam Overload 3, APO:3

I've yet to be convinced that there is any serious difference between CRF1 and 2. At least in the encounters I've had with those I've volunteered to be a pin-cushion for.

I'm postulating, and the above is just an example, but it should be a simple matter of getting two lots of CRF or CSV in to this ship without sacrificing tactical teams.