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06-12-2012, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by Ncha
I'm not sure where else to post this but it's pretty much a plea to Cryptic to please fix these Danube and Avanced Danube pets the Carriers and soon Akira's will have. The mechanic around their tractor beam ability is horribly broken. Carriers and Bortas/Bortasque's are all heavy cruiser/capital ships. The idea that even a dozen runabouts could stop ships of that size dead is as ridiculous as the thought that a few elementary school children could grab the arms of a full grown adult and actually stop them from going anywhere. If this were attempted in the show the runabouts attempting to stop the ship would be torn apart and disabled to the point of no future use if they didn't have a warp core breach when the runabout was torn apart structurally.

I don't mind if it slows me down some, but the shuttles should take consistent damage when the tracors are engaged on a capital ship until either the ability ends or they succumn to the damage.
By that logic, the same could be said for Escorts and BoP's. Would you be happier if Cryptic swapped out the Danubes' tractor beam for some kind of gravimetric pulse that temporarily bring's the target's engines offline?