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06-12-2012, 07:11 PM
Originally Posted by spektre12
Universal (insert console here) means any 'rank' can hold it.

45 deg in each firing arc makes 360 degrees of coverage. Think of a pie chart with four slices. Yes I want it to target lock projectiles and small fighters. It is a countermeasure system however can be activated at any time. Say you swoop in and you have 3 Borg Sphere's around you. Just hit the 'Easy Button' . They wont target them but the will do some damage. And they will take out torpedoes, mines, plasma bolts ect with extreme prejudice.

I can't wait to post up my 3D model. It will differ from this image I uploaded but the overall conflagration of being the Chihuahua of Star Fleet will remain
Starfleet already visited Taco Bell (it was the only restaurant to survive the the Franchise Wars) and ordered a Defiant. This attempts to fill a niche that doesn't exist as it is not distinguished enough from said Defiant.