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06-12-2012, 07:34 PM
Originally Posted by jaredbholley
dayum! right on man! cryptic should give you credit for this!
I know right?! A year later....

Thank you Cryptic!!!

Originally Posted by JToney3449 View Post
how about a 360 degree aoe photon torpedo effect. Does basicly 5km radius explosion like the warpcore breach of a dying ship. Does 5-10k dmg to all ships in 5km radius of the akira. Name it Point blank artillary shield. Since its like how the US army uses artillary fired inbetween its enemies and soldiers as a shield.

Smaller radius keeps it from being OP but still manages to be useful. Gives the akira abilty to fire torps in all directions like it was intended to do as well.
Props to JT for being dead on with the photon blossom, too.