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Originally Posted by dlmystic View Post
think of this the defiants engine room is the same size as the galaxy ship. It is said that the defiant and galaxy share the same engine. What the difference is the engine power goes to weapons more than on the bigger ships. Same engine different usage. As for tractor beams on the danube. That ship is the equivalent of a tug boat. A tug boats engine can stop a ship of the line dead in the water if pulling the oposite way. So if the runabout is a tug boat the engine would be set for pulling therefor it Can stop a bigger ship. As for the runabouts the cat carrier uses the tractor beam doesnt fire enough for them to be usefull IMHO.
While you are correct that a tug boat can stop equal the pulling power of a much more massive ship it can NOT grab it while it's running at full or even half speed and drop it to dead stop the way things happen in this game. The lines would snap as well as the boat itself if they didn't snap quick enough. Now maybe somehow they figured out a way to do this in the future but it is a bit rediculous to see a runabout stop my carrier on a dime when im full throttle.