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06-13-2012, 02:00 AM
The one thing about Tractor Beams and Movement...

In order to make your enormous Cruiser takes a LOT more power to overcome its inertia. So if it is currently In-Motion it will take significant amounts of energy to stop it. If it is currently stationary it takes significant amounts of power to make it move. Now the Engines on these behemoths may not be well designed to accelerate them quickly. If that is so then a Tractor Beam, no matter how comparatively weak, could be a real hindrance.

Yes, a Galaxy has a LOT more power than a Runabout BUT the Galaxy is trying to move a LOT of ship with its engines so hindering its ability to do that is tricky business.

As for the Defiant, it may have an engine similar to a Galaxy but keep in mind a Galaxy has 3 of them.