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06-13-2012, 02:30 AM
Originally Posted by Kalavier View Post
Actually, having a dozen of them would be enough. Now, a single one? That is laughable. But a dozen? The strain is now spread out, thus taking out the too much power being used thus destroying/damaging the ship.

It's like, 5 galaxy ships trying to use their tractors on a much larger ship (like a borg cube). A single one might not work, but 5? They'd slow it down.

Or, for your example. A single kid hugging an adults leg trying to slow them/stop them. They might slow, but they won't stop. Now have a DOZEN kids clinging to that adult. He isn't going anywhere.

Edit: Seriously, use the same numbers for your comparison. One adult = one carrier/bortas. One kid = one runabout.
Ok maybe that's true but now imagine that adult running at full bore thru the kids. He/she would demolish them and maybe stumble a bit or fall but the kids would be messed up and shouldn't impede the progress thereafter.

When I'm running at full speed on my carrier or even half they should be able to slow me but not stop me instantaneously, that is ludicrous. If they slapped a beam on me it should rip the emmiter to pieces. We are talking even at impulse speeds a significant amount of speed and mass at the same time. However the technology of the beams would of course mach up somewhat to compensate. Still I think the op is correct in saying there should be an inverse proportion of damage.

Even at full stop I should be able to get moving again. This has been shown in many episodes when you hear "captain I don't know how much longer we can hold this tractor beam lock".