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06-13-2012, 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by trev06
So, the EPS flow regulator console. Seems to be a lot of misconception about what it does. I've dug up all the information on it, and yet I still have a few questions and the like...

1. I know it does NOT help your weapons power recover from normal firing, though the wiki says it WILL help recover from a beam overload.
2. I know it helps your power levels transfer quicker from one system to another. So for instance, when I drop out of full impulse my power levels go back quicker.
3. I was under the impression that it DID help your sheild redistrubtion. I am apparently mistaken in this.
4. I can't seem to find out if it helps with powers like auxiliary to structural. I would think it does, however, point three teaches me I could be wrong.

So know my questions...
1. What exactly is the console for?
2. I run an atrox carrier with all anti proton beams. The only boff powers I have that would like be affected are emergency power to sheilds and auxiliary to strucutral as I dont run beam overloads. I only play pve, usually STFs. Given all that, is it better if I replace this console with some other one?
  1. true
  2. true
  3. you are correct, it does NOT help your shields.
  4. no it does not help with any of the Aux BO powers.
  • The console is truly only for those that swap powers around (science) or those like escorts who use a lot of power drain abilities. Such as Cannon Rapid Fire, Beam Overload, Cannon Scatter Volley, etc.
  • It would be best to replace that console on your carrier.