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06-13-2012, 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by spektre12
LOL, I guess your right. You have to understand I do most of this stuff in the wee hours after work so my brain is not at 100%. :p

But how would it be way over powered, Boff abilities?
Yes the BOFF abilities where way overpowered.

And looking at the new design you still have no idea how to make a balanced Tier 5 ship.
Originally Posted by spektre12
How about this?


  • Crew: 30.
  • Hull: 40,000.
  • Impulse Modifier: 1.50.
  • Weapons Fore: 5.
  • Weapons Aft: 2.
  • Base Turn Rate: 22 D/sec
  • Tactical Consoles: 5.
  • Engineering Consoles: 3.
  • Science Consoles: 3.
  • Console Stations Tactical: 3: 1 CAP, 1 LCDR, 1 LT.
  • Engineering Consoles: 2: 1 CAP, 1 LT.
  • Science Consoles: 2: 1 CAP, 1 LT.
  • Special Consoles: Multi-Vector Phaser Countermeasure "Ring of Fire". 4 small 90 DEG Quadrant single
    cannons firing simultaneously for 10 seconds. Targets Projectiles and fighters.
  • Special Abilities: +20 to all weapons.

    I changed the name
About 10k too much Hull, All the other Escorts have 30k. Cruiser have 39k and only a few ships have more than 40k and they can barely turn.

The best impulse modifier in the game is .20 you got 1.5, that's only 1.3 more than it should be.

5 Weapons fore is too powerful compared to other Escorts. DHC beats Turret any day of the week.

And the 22 turn rate is as good as the BoP but this ship has none of it's weaknesses and would probably outperform any ship in the game, maybe any two ships.

9 Consoles is the standard your running 11, maximum of 4 consoles in a given field.

Wow BOFFs are just ridiculous, For starters there is no such thing as a Captain rank BOFF, they'd have been given their own ship. It goes Commander (Cmdr) > Lieutenant Commander (Lt.Cmdr) > Lieutenant (Lt.) > Ensign (Ens). Most ships have 5 BOFFs you have 7. And 3 of them are supposed to be Cmdr rank. No ship has more than one Cmdr. The Tier 5 layout is Cmdr > Lt.Cmdr > Lt > Lt > Ens. Carriers and BoPs are different again.

Again +15 is the max power to any one system so +20 is unfair. You can have +5 to all, +10 to two or +15 to one.

Also your console seems to be exactly the same as the Point Defence Console in function which is now being made available in a Torpedo version. You need to rethink the concept, the Ring of Fire sounds good but not much point when it's the same as something that already exists.

You have said you don't know what Tier 5 ships are like, therefore until you learn what a Tier 5 ship should be, don't design one. You need to consider game balance. And that goes for Fed vs Fed and Fed vs KDF.

My criticism is not to tear you down or curb your enthusiasm but to bring your ship into line with the other Tier 5 ships, this gets you closer to the ship being realised. And not just being an overpowered joke like most Fed ship designs on these forums.