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Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
As for showing your ship outside the windows, this is actually more difficult than it sounds. If this were a private instance, where only you existed, it wouldn't be a problem to spawn your ship out there. However, in an instance that can have 25 different people, and there's only 1 spawn point outside the window, who's ship do you show? We don't have any way that I know of, to show different people different things.

Personally, I think having the Odyssey out there is fine. Besides. . . she won't be there for much longer. . .
Just do what they did in 'Earth and Beyond', basically the drydock would show the players ship in it to the player, so everyone just saw thier own ship. All that happened (I worked on the emulator, so I know the code) was that when the player loaded the map for the station, it would load the presets of the players ships and place that ship at the dock entrance. So every player only saw thier own ship there, sure, you couldn't show someone your ship in the dock, but it made you feel like your ship was really at the same location as you.

The way I'd work this out is perhaps change Earth spacedock so we have the latest C-Store ship at the large windows, then show the players ship at the far pylon (where the excelsior is now). Although that could cause issues when a player change ship (although i doubt it as the instance is already created). Another possability would be to have a path around the exterior windows, then have the players ship spawn and follow that path, so when you walk about you see you ship outside (this would explain the need to beam back to your ship too).