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06-13-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by bberge View Post
I'll miss the Odyssey in ESD. SInce most of my Federation captains are flying Odyssey variants at this point, I could at least pretend that was "my" ship there.
And what about those of us who don't fly the Odyssey at all?

Originally Posted by bberge View Post
I'd like to make a technical point, if I may. I consider the interior dock at ESD to be the only true "dry dock" we've seen. It has doors that close, and could in theory be pressurized so that repair crews could work in a "shirt-sleeve" environment. I'd have to call the scaffolding-style docks (such as those we've seen at Utopia Planitia) we've seen "wet docks", since ships are still exposed to space.

plus, can you imagine pressurizing that entire bay? Imagine how much air they'd need to fill that cavern. You're talking roughly 8,275,897 cubic meters... of air. just so you can work on the exterior of one or two ships.

Makes a lot more sense to use the drydocks, and just use a forcefield, worker bees, or space suits.