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06-13-2012, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by Mad_Max_Rockatanski
Uh, so what's a Battlestar?

Not sure if I'd consider lunar distance, as interplanetary space. Earth's satellite is only about 406km away at it's apogee. Whereas, say Mars, is roughly 55,000,000km away when the Earth is at it's aphelion, and Mars is at it's perihelion. I'd classify the distance to Luna, as planetary space.
A battlestar (or base star in the case of the cylons) is a battleship with carrier capacity. Both were starships, although their FTL was a jump drive rather than a warp drive.

Galactica was an interesting series in that they seemingly abandoned the concept of escort vessels entirely. Battlestars (and Base Stars) operated independently. There were no other ship classes.