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Originally Posted by Blitzy
Bear with me, I haven't done this in a while. Alright for the BO powers you have the normalCommander Tactical. As its such a lower level ship, and as its used by the starfleet corp of engineers, and as we already have a LTC engineer ship, I game it a LT and ensign for science and engineer, along with a universal LT station for customization. I sort of like the idea of 5 forward weapons, but if that's the case it needs to loose all but one rear weapon to even it out.

Hull: 27000
Front- 5
Rear- 1
Crew: 800
Bridge Officer (12 total)
Engineer LT, ensign
Science LT, ensign
Tactical Comm
Universal LT
Device Slots: 2
Consoles (11 total)
Engineer 2
Science 3
Tactical 4
Turn Rate: 16
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Inertia rating: 25
Power Bonus: +15 Weapons

Ring of fire is pretty much the Point Defense System console
Hull is good. No ship has five fore weapons. It should either have 4 front and 3 aft, or 4 front with 2 in back (I prefer seven weapon slots, myself). Crew is too much for such a small ship. For compairison, the Soveerigin has 800 crew. The largest escort, the Promethius only has 200. The Tier 5 Defiant has the same crew as teh Tier 4 does-50. So crew should stay at 50 in exchnage for extra hull or turnning rate. Consols and device slots are fine. I'm still pondering the BOFF slots.