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Respecs are a popular C-Store item, but I think many are still hesitant to put in 400 CP for a one-time use when they might only want to tweak a few skills instead of revamp everything.

The idea I am proposing would be to add skill profiles that you can switch between (perhaps in a similar manner to how one switches game difficulty), so that you may have two, three, or more different "skill sets" that you want to be specced into.

That would give players something with a bit more permanence, yet still require respecs to change after the skill profile is established. Players would also get some more versatility so they can more freely switch from a science vessel to an escort without feeling like their skills are hampering their performance.

And Cryptic's incentive? They can monetize this service for several hundred Cryptic Points!

Players win. Cryptic wins. STO wins.

Thoughts and opinions? Would this be something you as a player would be interested in?

Disclaimer: I don't play other MMOs, but this may be very similar to dual-spec/multi-specing.