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06-14-2012, 07:00 AM
Originally Posted by diotw
This one should definitely be remastered for plot reasons, I'd like to nominate the Bajoran Fire Caves mission to also remastered for technical reasons.
Definitely... especially the atrocious Boff pathing in that mission alone (it's an issue overall, yes, but there it's just terrible)

Originally Posted by oldkirkfan
My questions.....

1. Why didn't my transporter office detect the Undine beaming aboard?


2. If the "Admiral" insisted on coming by shuttle, why didn't a red flag fly after the incident at P'Jem?

ANYONE, yes even Admiral McCoy would have made me suspicious after that incident.
1. Transporters may take use of an individual's specifics, but they're not highly-refined sensors... so if an individual's signature matchs the one from the records exactly, that's perfect as far as the transporter is concerned.

a tricorder is another matter...

2. the mission specifically states us to go to Starbase 39 to pick up the Admiral... meaning she traveled with us on the ship. probably knew the shuttle wouldn't get her far