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06-14-2012, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by Ofallon
Hey Kalavier or should I point out the obvious, Mr Troll. You better come at me with more than your lame blanky idea of what STF's are.

I NEVER said anything about it being hard. Aparently it is for You. <--- Please Read it then Read It Five More Times. It is Informative reading for those who enjoy the challenging part of the game. There is no "Dummie" Guide for STF's

Maybey, Just maybey, This is for you and/or the OP. If not then go DoFF something or do Patrols because this is End Game Content. No One Will Hold Your Hand Thru It, You Must Decide For Your Self If You Can Adapt To The Circumstances or Not Captain......

IMHO ,Learn to STO, Learn to STF and Learn how not to DIE...

PS: Thanks Gozer for the Death Timer, it keeps the learning curve applicable.
Wow your are ranting and completly missing the whole point of my OP. I do not suck at STFs, infact I try and teach new commers how to properly run them. My op was geard specifically to Infected, I am asking for clarification on wether or not I will recieve a leaver penalty for leaving when there are only two of us left (normaly after a noob blows a generator, and half the team rage quits). If there is a leaver penalty with two of us left, then I am asking Gozer to remove it, or give us an option to vote to fail. I don't want to suck up a 1 hour penalty because some one skrewed us over. Your assumption that I don't know how to play a stf is the absloute furtherest thing from the truth. I am fully geared out in MK XII gear, and have run countless STFs. I also ran the STFs constantly when they were on tribble during the F2P test.

So open you eyes, read what is really written, and quit making assumptions about things you know nothing about.