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06-14-2012, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by ThePsycoticVulcan
I'd also love to be able to customize an enemy mob - what type of weapons and abilities, etc. And some way to create more "generic" ships would be great.
THAT's what number 7 was supposed to be!
I can't believe I forgot that!
I wanted to create the Hur'Q for a story arch which included them having stolen tech from various factions.
However, I had to use various factions for each squad which caused their Faction emblems on their lifebars to read out accordingly.
This kinda ruined the surprise because everyone knows by know what kind of weapons each species uses.
If we can't customize the enemy NPC's weapons, it woud at least be nice to be able to change a placed groups'/costumes' faction emblems.

Which brings up another problematic limitation:
We can only create Fed or KDF costumes.
A Cardassian contact, NOT wearing Cardassian attire makes for an EXTREMELY unbelievable contact within the Cardassian Union.

Sadly, none of this stuff is coming in Season 6, thus far.
I've checked it out on Tribble.
We're getting some asthetic UI upgrades, and that's it.