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06-14-2012, 08:09 AM
Well, here is my story...

Last night in CSE I jump in to find myself with a group consisting of all beam boats except for me. There may have been a carrier...not sure. Things started out ok. I usually grab the Kang but somebody said they had it so I take probe killing duty. I soon realized that the group didn't have the firepower to do the kind of DPS needed, but eh it's a PUG and I don't really care as that kind of thing happens.

To make a long story short, my oncall phone rings so I'm kind of flying in circles while answering. When I get back I'm disoriented and thought someone had already blown one of the cubes. I join another shiip and kill the other...big mistake; the other cubes were still intact. Ok, I messed up, it happens and I have always just rolled with in silence because everyone makes mistakes and it is just a game.

In the past, the team would just knuckle down and still manage to pull out a win including the optional. But I guess in those cases, there were no emotionally crippled children in the group. The next thing I know someone I will call "stinker" takes time out from his busy schedule of getting blown up every few minutes to launch into a stream of semi-coherent profanity, punctuated by "noob" between rants. Now keep in mind we only had 3 minutes on the clock when I blew the cube and only one of the 3 cubes was completely cleared of probes. IOW, with the low dps people were puttng out there was no way we were going to beat the timer. I had the only ship with real firepower. Still, I figured you give it your all and hope for the best.

But stinker thought it more important to rant in chat. We time out. Now stinker's equally mental friends start launching their own rants. I was cracking up mostly because I never saw anyone misspell the f-word, but also because these "fat kids in their mom's basement" were foaming at the mouth over losing an STF they would have lost anyway because they were ill equiped.

My reason for posting this is thus; I think that some of the griefing people are seeing is the result of these kinds of people doing STFs. I have a pretty thick hide by nature, but some people take getting cursed out over and over personally. This isn't the first time some tardlet's ire was directed at me, but I ave seen the same kind of behavior time and again. I was tempted to leave after the first rant, but instead I told stinker to shut his hole and get on with it and stayed to the end. But I could see how others would just bail on them rather than listen to their blather. Or recognize them and screw up the optional out of revenge. Just sayin'.

For the record, if you are in a PUG with me, I will stick with it and you until the end. If you mess up, you won't hear it from me. I fact, I do PUGs in order to help people who don't know what they are doing (and because most fleets I've seen seem to be composed of 3 year olds).

And if you feel the need to rant, by all means rant at me. I won't even put you on ignore. Just know that I am probably laughing at you, so don't think I am ignoring you if I don't respond. Frankly, after 8 uears of SWG, the tards of this community are rank amateurs in the flaming department. :p