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06-14-2012, 08:52 AM
At the OP: Best at what?

You listed mostly Escorts, so I'm assuming damage - then you listed the Odyssey which is a tanking/support ship.

Which do you want to do?

Originally Posted by DKnight1000
As a sheer numbers game the Tactical Escort Retrofit is the Fed Raptor and the most DPS you can get in an Escort, unless a single Hanger of Fighters is really that good. And I could be wrong and they could be that good.

The MVAE and Akira trade their firepower for more utility in the form of a Lt.Com Sci or Eng BOFF. Now the MVAE's pets are incredibly lacklustre in performance the real reason to take this ship is if you want more Sci on your Escort.

Originally Posted by DKnight1000
This IMO puts the Akira far out infront of the MVAE, and it's method of CC would be Eject Warp Plasma 1 vs the MVAE using Grav Well. And it's on a very maneuverable ship to boot.
Giving up DOFF slots for flight deck officers and using EWP means all of the added survivability potential of those two options is lost.

I also think for ESTFs, GW 1 is the better CC ability than EWP (they're both useful).

EWP is great for stopping ships in their tracks, but GW clumps them all together in a tightly packed ball which really capitalizes on team AoEs, APB (especially from CSV) and chain reaction warp core breaches.