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06-14-2012, 09:24 AM
I never, never PuG. Except once ... and only once. KAGN (my first normal in ages, and my last), 1 guy that ran forward once and died by his stupidity, then did nothing but sit there "needing" everything, and another idiot that was somehow trying, probably 7 years old, went into the room and asked what to click after I said several times that I'd do it. When I saw him post a message I said "GET OUT!" And he actually left and gave a small amount of effort ... very, very slowly ... one other guy was attempting with a better amount of effort and knew what to do but was silent except when he said in all caps that I was doing something wrong (which I was not ... and don't tell that to a KHG Elite Ferasan). The last person was my fleetmate, can't remember who, he hadn't done KAG before but I explained it and he gave PLENTY of effort for a newb. He was also the only reason I did it as you'd expect. Had a little trouble but I was most impressed with him above anyone else. We DID however finish it, with me having to extend shield time, every time. When we got to Tosk I used my Engi stuff and he went down pretty fast. Still, by FAR, worst STF I've done. Probably just because I don't PuG.