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How are fleet points awarded? Say a project has A, B, C, and D inputs. If someone does all of input B, do they get 25% of all the fleet points available to be earned from that project?

The reason why I ask is because inputs A, B, C, and D could have dramatically varying values. If "A" is 100,000 dilithium and "B" is simply 1,000,000 EC, "A" seems profoundly more valuable and hard to acquire than "B". Consquently player 1 should receive more fleet points for doing 100% of "A" vs. player 2 who does 100% of B.

Will the duty officer system be willing to accept commons/uncommons/rares/very rares? Currently the cadre sale has completely demolished the value of duty officers. Most rares are now going for 300K each and are rapidly declining.
Different inputs are in fact valued differently - 1 Duty Officer is more valuable than 1 Dilithium which is more valuable than 1 Energy Credit. The amount of Fleet Credit you get for a donation is based both on what you are donating and how much you are donating.

Duty officer inputs specify the quality and sometimes the specialization as well. The more specific the duty officer is and the higher quality, the more Fleet Credit will be earned by the individual contributor. While all qualities are asked for throughout the system, the system is actually biased somewhat towards the lower qualities. My expectation is that duty officer prices on the Exchange will rise once the system goes to Holodeck.