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06-14-2012, 03:00 PM
Weird things I hate about my new 16 ship:

1) I can't use Scorpions. Think about that for a sec: It's a carrier that can't carry Scorpions, which even non-carrier starships can launch. Bravo to the common sense department guys. I can deploy a replica of the Phoenix, but a Scorpion is beyond my ship's capabilities

2) It can't take part in STFs. An end-game ship that can't take part in pretty much the only endgame content we have. Yes, it's a bug, and yes, a fix is coming (apparently), but it does rather beg the question - if the ship wasn't even given the most basic testing in STFs, the content it's most likely to be used in - how was it tested?

3) Piloting an escort-carrier is a really odd experience, it's not like a traditional carrier where the attack craft fly off and do the damage while the slow carrier stays behind coordinating - the escort outruns the fighters, so finding a decent use for them is tricky

Cool things I love about my new 16 ship

1) Oh my god it looks awesome
1a) +Reman prototype shield = Oh my god this is probably the sexiest ship in STO

2) Thunderchild PDS and Armitage PDS have separate countdowns, and are both on a 3-minute timer, so I can fire off the phasers to wear down shields and then hit the big button of make things go boom. This makes sense.

3) Balance actually seems ok, I'm doing 1654 damage per torpedo Vs 4K+ from my quantum torpedoes, and only 6 will hit any single target, at most (taking the equivalent in damage to 1 1/2 quantum torpedoes, at most)

It's a PDS, it's not going to ruin any big ship's day, but it's going to beat the hell out of smaller ships. combined with the lower hull strength the Armitage has a decent niche as an anti-carrier

(Oh, and PDS damage IS boosted by consoles)