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06-14-2012, 03:11 PM
Originally Posted by Marco_Ramius
Man you guys will complain about everything. Nothing works 100% of the time, so it has a bug, big deal. I think they do a great job even if you guys complain about every little thing. If its so bad don't play, go some where else and play some perfect game. Every game has its bugs. The problem with you complainers is that you want everything now, instant fast food style and in perfect working order. its not possible with millions of lines of code. I know thats what testing is for but it does not always catch everything.

I think the new ship is great, good job
Personally I like the new ship, but I gotta chime in here.

People are absolutely allowed to (and should) complain about things they don't like. That's called feedback. If nobody complains, nothing gets fixed. Generally, people happy with the game state are less likely to post about it on the forums, that's normal.

The developers need to know the opinions of the unhappy just as much as the happy, so they can adjust their needs based on what they're hearing. The very nature of the MMO genre means that the game is a moving target with regards to what the community wants. Saying "don't play" doesn't work, because if people who are unhappy just left the game and didn't say why, the game would end up very lonely but the devs would think it's perfect.

Even if they look like they're just being angry for angry's sake, they're a necessary part of the process.