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06-14-2012, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Blurr View Post
Personally I like the new ship, but I gotta chime in here.

People are absolutely allowed to (and should) complain about things they don't like. That's called feedback. If nobody complains, nothing gets fixed. Generally, people happy with the game state are less likely to post about it on the forums, that's normal.

The developers need to know the opinions of the unhappy just as much as the happy, so they can adjust their needs based on what they're hearing. The very nature of the MMO genre means that the game is a moving target with regards to what the community wants. Saying "don't play" doesn't work, because if people who are unhappy just left the game and didn't say why, the game would end up very lonely but the devs would think it's perfect.

Even if they look like they're just being angry for angry's sake, they're a necessary part of the process.
I certainly get what you are saying, but I don't see there being much of a process here. Cryptic admitted to the issue straight up and stated when it would be fixed. What exactly do the not all that descriptive EPIC FAIL! replies add in this case?

What could Cryptic have done better? More testing IMHO. On the flipside, they also could have not owned up to it, or not advised when there would be a fix, or delayed the ships release entirely. In that last scenario we would not be able to use it in STFs... or anything else in the game.

I agree that feedback is important to the devlopment and enjoyment of STO, but if it is not constructive (evil overlords, personal attacks on devs or other players, EPIC FAIL and the like) or proportonal we run the risk of not being listened to in the future.

Just my 2CP.