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This sudden upcoming doubling of death penalties in STFs got me thinking. Follow me here for a moment.

FTP begins.
Cardashian Lockboxes and 2800 FE hits.
First wave of outcry on lockboxes begins.
STF Penalties begin.
Some time passes.
Ferengi Lockboxes appear.
Player outrage escalates.
Featured Episodes taken away.
STF Penalties stiffen.

Even if that all may just be coincidence, who is to say we are not being punished as a playerbase in ways we don't even know about over the lockbox outcry? After all, it did end up garnering national bad press, did we all think Perfect World was not going to come back on us in some way?

Whats the next wave going to be??

*Next* Lockbox comes out
Player outrage shows again
Doff system gets removed?
Stfs become one death and out?
Fleet starbases nerfed to a bank console only?