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06-14-2012, 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by Cusashorn
Chances are you might have been fighting alongside me. I've never seen any other player try to use the same tactic, though I don't keep it secret from anyone.
I use that every time, and as long as you're able too keep the side you're hugging with no (or very low) shields, one Plasma ball is a win.

And an even better (suicidal) tactic is to "fill the exhaust" with your ship. Then you don't have to wait for the Unimatrix to target you and dispatch a Plasma ball for your own personnal use.

And to the topic:
If you're in a manoeuvrable ship, try to stay to the side of the romulans, and use Polarize hull and/or Attack Pattern Omega to get rid of ractor beams.
If you're rather a broadsiding cruiser, keep at more than 5 clics (beam weapons will still be fairly effective) and take care of the shield facing the warbird (manual redistribution, tactical team, and of course all possible shield buffs) while having a fire at will ready. Hazard emitters is also useful as it provides a small resistance bonus and will heal the plasma fires.

Pretty much what others have said, I see...