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06-14-2012, 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by Frostzephyr
To me the most glaring thing is that, at least according to Drake, proximity to Undine makes telepaths crazy. Like the Vulcan T'nae sitting in the same room. Of all the things for Drake to lie about, I doubt a way to detect the presence of Undine infiltrators would be one of them.

Unless T'nae is one, too.

And frankly, even if you can't detect her with scanners, or detect her by way of Telepaths acting off (remember the P'jem mission? All the other Vulcan priests didn't trust the undine replaced guy?), you should be able to turn her in/turn against her for the CLEARLY NOT STARFLEET actions.

I mean, "Kill everybody, leave no witnesses. The scans showing zero subspace weapon parts is a ruse by the romulans!" Yeah, that's a starfleet admiral huh?

(Was very facepalm when my romulan character did the mission. I know, techincally she'd labeled alien but she's a romulan.) First, admiral goes to my characters face "You can never trust a romulan, let's do black ops ****!". Then, she tries convincing my romulan this station is a weapons lab (in character, my romulan has military access codes still valid and is fully able to check the claims.).

I mean, it's just a massively, and utterly cringe-worthy fail of a mission in terms of story on all accounts. A betazoid would notice somethings up instantly, as they are more telepathic then vulcans. It's one of few missions that I just hate playing due to it's storyline and it making no sense. Thoughout the entire thing, you keep going "Where's the button to call in the admiral and Drake to arrest this ass? Or to stun her and alert the romulans?"

Hell, a brand new player (who also was playing a romulan char *half-romulan, IIRC*) started hating it at the begining because the line by Zelle. Then, as it went on she just kept saying "When do I get to kill her? Clearly I should get the chance cause this is crazy."

At the least, let us Kill Zelle, instead of her beaming out and escaping without a trace :/.