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# 20 I'm more than burnt out
06-14-2012, 07:57 PM
I rarely do STFs anymore, mainly due to the ill equipped morons I always get when PUGing. They always blow the optional, take all the good loot, completely fail missions, and tend to make me (The one in a cruiser) chase the small ships when I'm better suited for pounding the larger targets. Its bad enough I'm currently stuck as a true F2P since I have no cash to spend, and with the constant failure on NORMAL STFs, my game play is even more limited. I have yet to get any of the MACO or OMEGA items (neither ground or space), the only items I have is the Borg set, and Borg proc weapons (a sniper rifle, two quantum torpedoes, and four beam arrays).

I used to be able to do the STFs, back when the player base actually had mostly decent people, but within the last few months, the player base needs some serious work or a way to block certain people from joining a mission if they can't kill anything higher than an assimilated bird-of-prey or a probe. I know my ship can handle STFs I rigged it for that and turned what I call the NX-Oddessey (The free anniversary version) into an effective battle platform, it is equiped with four beam arrays, two quantum torpedoes, and two Har'Pang torpedoes for weapons, it also has all four parts to the Borg set, along with the proper consoles to make that thing work, but being that it is a cruiser, it can't move or turn that well and is meant for the larger targets like the gates and cubes, it is not designed to chase the small fast ships, escorts are designed for that task.

To put it simply, cruisers and other big ships are like sledgehammers and are meant to pound things into the ground, escorts and other small ships are the fly swatters and are meant to keep things from attacking the bigger ships, as for the science ships, they have the support role and do crowd control or buffs/debuffs, to me the terms DPS, Tank, and Healer do not belong in STO and this mentality needs to be beat out of these ill equipped morons so people who actually are trying to do the STFs can finally do them with out seeing the glaring red failure tags.

Until the player base gets imporved, I will be stuck doing nothing but DOFFs, Dailys, and the occasional FEs, I am a strictly PvE player ever since I got pounded into the ground by CRUSHERS in another MMO and I'm stuck as a true F2P (not by choice), there is just not much to work with at cap level, it is even getting to the point where I'm taking long breaks from STO itself since there is so little to do.