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06-14-2012, 10:52 PM
Over the summer, I plan on grinding STFs and dailies to get enough dilithium to trade for 2000 CP. However, I am at an indecision as to what to get with the CP. Here's the three I'm torn between (Please note that I'm a tac captain):

1) Akira Retrofit: I've always liked the Akira class, and I liked the idea of a VA level Akira. This one doesn't seem too different than the Fleet escort I currently run, just with a hangar and the photon torp point defense console.

2) Tactical Odyssey: I know, it's been described as a whale. But, after playing in a KDF Cruiser for awhile, I've found that, while slow and having low DPS, I'd have to say that I enjoy a "Beamboat" as much as I do an escort. Also, I enjoy the aesthetics of the Odyssey, and have a perfect name for it based off of a flagship in my own sci-fi universe idea. (Also, Dragon Flagship?)

3) Assault Cruiser(Sovereign)+2xReSpec Tokens+Delta Shuttle+To'Duj Fighter: I like the Sovereign, and think it's a good ship that I could easily and quickly get without having to spend money. Also, again, Dragon Flagship.
The ReSpec Tokens are for my Fed and KDF Toon, which I kinda messed up on skill wise. See, I thought that as a Tac or an engineering captain, I would need to focus more in tac and engineering skills respectively. And by focus, I mean max out. Yeah, I SERIOUSLY need to respec.
The Delta Shuttle is, arguably, the best fed shuttle in the game, and the To'Duj fighter looks to be the only good kdf shuttle/fighter of the three available.

Over time, I could probably grind enough to get all of these and more (though it would take forever), but what do you think I should get first?

P.S. Silver player here.