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03-22-2009, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by nagash303 View Post
Voyager got stranded 75.000 lightyears away. They were in middel of Borg space in last episode so (I am guessing) 50.000 ly still to go. A distance we consider pretty safe after the collapsed transwarp center. Borg would have to use normal Warp for travelling that distance, so they better start the journey today for arrival in 2410.
One potential flaw in this reasoning, is the assumption that the Borg's only means of getting to the Alpha quadrant is to use 'normal Warp'. It is assuming that Star Fleet knows everything about the Borg and thus can be assured that they could never find another way to arrive at the Alpha Quadrant sooner.

In a world where time travel is not only possible, but where history has shown that other beings like to manipulate the timeline -- ie Sphere Builders -- I would say that the road of caution would be the better travel. Also, the Borg have demonstrated to not only be Adaptive, but rather versatile. Add to this, that an ex-Borg is adimately stating that the threat still exists, and I can see the folly of Star Fleet's decision.

A real life parallel would be the view about post WWI defeated Germany. People were convinced that Germany was no longer a threat to the world, and as history demonstrated, that was proven wrong in just two decades more or less.

There clearly is a case to be made that Star Fleet has made the wrong decision - completely independent of our knowledge that they do indeed come back.

Not intended to be insulting by any means, but I think it is ironic that we see a parallel division among the Forum posters -- which lends credence to Star Fleet reaching the same decision.