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06-15-2012, 01:06 AM
400 CP a month, Liberated Borg Human and Klingon races (exclusive borg costume options for head), access to Captain's Table (exclusive social area that is hardly used and is available to players that have been a gold member for 400 days), blue forum title, automatic conversion of dilithium ore (gone for a week, then 56,000 Dilithium can be converted if you have that much), and a gaudy comm badge. Main incentive for lifetime is the ability to play as a liberated borg captain. Main reason for lifetime subscription is gone due to F2P. Don't want any of the rewards, then save your money and buy some Cryptic Points. The incentives for being a gold member are not worth it. Especially since you can be a gold member for a month and level up a character to 50 to get most of the bonuses. The 400 CP a month and automatic dilithium conversion is a gold member perk.