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06-15-2012, 03:13 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax
An interesting story for you (True)

There once was a young man named Alan (his real name)
Who played a Game heavy in PVP raiding and looting (can not name for legal reasons but included the Race "Trollkin") this being in the Early 21st century
So he hits this other groups base (their player base being largely American they were asleep when he was online) over and over day after day for a week (changing his character name daily so he could not be tracked easily)
They got fed up with it
And one of them put out an appeal for "information leading to the identity of" this raider

one of his closest friends saw the posted reward and turned him in (for $50 worth of ingame currency)
Less than 24 hours later Alans home computer was under attack in cyberspace every time he logged on
his accounts with the game were hacked and his Email account used to sign up for and I quote "every internet list on the Continental USA"
His real name and details were posted on a website dedicated to catching internet sexual predators

it ruined his life

Alan had to obtain a UK court order to have that removed
AND change his home address , email address , Internet provider and Credit cards
He ALSO had to stop playing the game

(this horror story did the rounds in the UK papers in early 2004 if anyone wants to read the whole thing)

SEE he thought it was ok to rob and steal from people who could not fight back
then he REALLY hated it when they did

Happily STO has much much better security than that game did
but be sure

Maulers , raiders and other vicious types need to remember this
there is always someone NASTIER than you out there
and sooner or later you will run into them
Also bet his friend is no longer that he should keep his friends close and enemies closer