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Originally Posted by Zombie
See these are story oriented logical points I can appreciate the value in. I would say it’s not my assumption but Starfleet brass prioritizing active threats verses what by their information would seem like a historical threat. In reality an organization the size of Starfleet and without the hindrance of even a budget to worry about probably wouldn’t need to dismantle a taskforce like this but they may not want their best people spending time and effort there when there are more pressing matters.
Again it’s not the move I would make but it does seem like it’s being done on good faith with the best information they have available at the time.

We have the hindsight and Meta-view of knowing the Borg will be in the game but the Developers could have just as easily said “eh, we don’t like the Borg, they’re not making it in to the game, we’re just going to leave the story of Endgame in place” and then 7of9 rightfully looks like an alarmist nut with a personal obsession that’s clouding her view. If the trailer showed the sphere builders or a massive invasion by Species 8472 then we would all be saying “how dumb is Starfleet for not knowing they were coming back? “7 years, 24 years, 75 years are just numbers on a screen to us but if you actually put yourself in the shoes of an admiral who just looked at a report that says: 11 years 4 months, 1 week, 3 days and still no sighting but tomorrow could be the big day, I feel it! You would probably have a very hard time not feeling like your people are actually on vacation and you look like the idiot in charge of boogie man patrol.
Again, I disagree with your stance that the Borg Threat is a 'tinfoil' theory at this point in the timeline.

The Borg was an apocalyptic threat -- as they could destroy the Federation, rather than just pose a war threat like the Romulans or the Klingons. They are a much bigger threat -- ie The threat of a Soviet Nuclear attack during the cold war, compared to the threats of Terrorism.

I can understand how Star Fleet may consider the threat reduced, but they certainly do not consider the threat completely gone -- and consider those that feel the threat is still a priority, as 'tinfoil hat' theories. It is not as if we are talking about decades later, but rather only a few years -- without he proper recon and intell.

Basically, I see Star Fleets decision to simply be another mistaken decision by 'military Intelligence', that we often see Governmental/Military Leaders make. I am not saying they are 'idiots', but their Decision is subject to disagreement and rebuttal. The only reason that this has come to pass, is not that they are 'correct', but rather simply that they have the final say, right or wrong.