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06-15-2012, 08:50 AM
Originally Posted by KamikazKid
This is most upsetting, I think that given this information I'll limit my log-ons to just checking duty officers. Please, grow some stones & let us pillage each other's starbases otherwise I'm not interested in starbases. We want to fight & crush our enemies' starbases not this PvE rubbish. I thought maybe with starbases & pvp you'd allow us to actually invest our assets & RISK something. Instead we get some pathetic watered down PvE junk. If your company didn't have the Star Trek IP I would not play your game. I'm going to go play Guild Wars 2 keep defense scenarios, call me once you get up enough moxy to introduce RISK into the starbase equation.
If it is a choose-able risk, fine.

Like a setting in the Fleet UI, but with a countdown that during the next 30 minutes (a editable time frame) we will open up our base for others to attack. If someone tries to attack during that time that fleet have chosen to let them attack and will have to accept the losses if the can't defend their base. But if they win, they get to pillage the attackers starbase without having to attack it.

If someone tried to attack after 31 minutes they will not be able to as the timer for the event has passed the end time.

It could also involve a pillage amount setting where the fleets can themselves set how many percentages of their EC and Items can be pillaged. That info should then be visible in the list of available bases to attack so the attackers can decide if it's worth their time or not.