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Originally Posted by Zombie
We have the hindsight and Meta-view of knowing the Borg will be in the game but the Developers could have just as easily said “eh, we don’t like the Borg, they’re not making it in to the game, we’re just going to leave the story of Endgame in place” and then 7of9 rightfully looks like an alarmist nut with a personal obsession that’s clouding her view. If the trailer showed the sphere builders or a massive invasion by Species 8472 then we would all be saying “how dumb is Starfleet for not knowing they were coming back? “7 years, 24 years, 75 years are just numbers on a screen to us but if you actually put yourself in the shoes of an admiral who just looked at a report that says: 11 years 4 months, 1 week, 3 days and still no sighting but tomorrow could be the big day, I feel it!You would probably have a very hard time not feeling like your people are actually on vacation and you look like the idiot in charge of boogie man patrol.
I think this an extremely good point that needs to be made. I wonder exactly how many of the people going "Well why would Starfleet forget the Borg as a historical threat?" would actually remember the Borg as a viable threat were we not seeing the storyline geared towards them coming back? I'm willing to bet most of you would see them the way the Admirals do now: distant, damaged, and certainly dangerous, but not an immediate threat.

Originally Posted by Loekii View Post
One potential flaw in this reasoning, is the assumption that the Borg's only means of getting to the Alpha quadrant is to use 'normal Warp'. It is assuming that Star Fleet knows everything about the Borg and thus can be assured that they could never find another way to arrive at the Alpha Quadrant sooner.

In a world where time travel is not only possible, but where history has shown that other beings like to manipulate the timeline -- ie Sphere Builders -- I would say that the road of caution would be the better travel. Also, the Borg have demonstrated to not only be Adaptive, but rather versatile. Add to this, that an ex-Borg is adimately stating that the threat still exists, and I can see the folly of Star Fleet's decision.
Okay, I'll give you that one. But then why don't we have a specific anti-Sphere Builder task force? For a species that can see multiple timelines and use their technology to influence the factions in it, why aren't we focusing on them? Why don't we have a Voth task force, a species that might actually (dare I say it) more technologically advanced than the Borg? Why don't we have a task force against Arik Soong's Augments potentially finding a rift in time and being placed into the 25th century?
You see what I'm getting at here? Yeah, there's always the possibility these dangerous scenarios might occur, but unless we have some hard data that indicates they might, how are you supposed to safeguard every single one? We might not have a shortage of resources due to replicators anymore, but there's always going to be a limit to our production capacities. A lack of a shortage doesn't mean Starfleet has unlimited resources.

A real life parallel would be the view about post WWI defeated Germany. People were convinced that Germany was no longer a threat to the world, and as history demonstrated, that was proven wrong in just two decades more or less.

There clearly is a case to be made that Star Fleet has made the wrong decision - completely independent of our knowledge that they do indeed come back.
Think of it this way. If Mexico showed up at the border with a full, modern army (Klingons) and started annexing the Southwest U.S., do you think we should be worrying about maintaining an anti-Russia taskforce just because they might go communist and start attacking us again someday (Borg)?

[Not intended to be insulting by any means, but I think it is ironic that we see a parallel division among the Forum posters -- which lends credence to Star Fleet reaching the same decision.
None taken, though that's because you're not really reading what we said. No one's condoning or defending Starfleet's decision to do so. Read Zombie's or my own posts. Multiple times (sometimes in the same post!) we state that since we already know the Borg are coming back, clearly it's a braindead move on Starfleet's part. However, the Starfleet Admirals don't have this knowledge, so we're trying to show you their motivation for disbanding the task force, as many posters in this thread keep stating it doesn't make sense.

So in summary:

Disbanding the task force - Obviously a bad idea, but we know that because of our 3rd person perspective. However, it makes more sense than you think - if you look at it from an in-universe viewpoint.