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06-15-2012, 12:05 PM
My thoughts are they should streamline the STFs just a tiny bit further (replace most of the popup prompts with those inline dialogs, like the message you get about "thrusters only" when you take your ship near the ESD doors), then make "episode" versions that resemble the old missions (but still factor in some of the newer improved mechanics, such as what it takes to destroy the transwarp gate now). The episode versions would play more like traditional episodes, with more BOff and NPC popups to work the story back in, and threading the space and ground together as one mission (even, really, if they're just the current space and ground maps back to back).

I'm of two minds about whether that version should be harder, or easier. I feel like it should be easier, but with lesser rewards (I would say not even linked to the STF reward system, and have them give out rewards on par with traditional STO missions). Then, the "episode" version could work more like a tutorial for the STFs -- which would be nice for everyone involved, since it means people don't have to enter the STF queues as fresh newbies.

I lament the fact that, while the new STFs are enjoyable and they should stay, we've lost a significant chunk of the storytelling that used to be there.